Stand Your Ground: Using to Analyze Race and Gender Bias in Florida Assault Cases

Is there statistical evidence of race and gender bias in the enforcement of Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws in the United States?

SYG laws - in operation across most US states - state that a citizen may use any level of force, including lethal, if he or she reasonably perceive an immediate threat of bodily harm or death. Florida passed the first such law in 2005.

Justin Murphy, Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at Southampton University, recently shared a paper where he used and data from the Tampa Bay Times to argue that: “'Stand your ground' laws reinforce white supremacy in the streets and patriarchy in the home”. You can read Justin’s blog post (which we’ve posted a summary of below) here and his paper in full here.

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importSQL: The No Hassle Way to Send your Data Direct to SQL

Every Friday at we have a company-wide meeting where we get together and listen to one of the team talk about something data or company related that they’ve been working on. If we’re not convinced, we fire them. After that, we have cake.

Just kidding… there’s no cake.

Last week’s Friday talk revealed that a lot of our users really want a better way to put data into databases like SQL.

Occasionally we developers get a little time to ourselves to hack together some side projects or proof of concepts that could later get turned into features. Inspired by what I learned on Friday, I thought it would be a fun idea to come up with an easier way to send data from a website straight into an SQL database with zero hassle.

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Webinar: Advanced Crawling Features and XPaths

This is a recap of our most recent webinar where we looked at advanced crawling techniques using Follow us down the garden XPath as we check out some features for confident users looking to get the most out of their crawlers.

This webinar is all about our advanced features. If you’re new to import, I recommend you watch this Getting Started webinar first, because we’ll be skipping some of the basics to get down into the real meat of what import can do. Advanced crawling, XPaths, URL templates - this webinar’s got all that and more.

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