What the richest American family could buy for the world

As many as 185 dynasties in the US amassed a fortune of $1 billion or more. Collectively, they are worth $1.2 trillion and Forbes has just released the first comprehensive ranking of those richest clans of America. The Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Waltons are only a few names that will ring a bell and bring to mind private airports, yachts and seaside villas.

The Walton, Koch and Mars families top the table, with $152 billion, $89 billion and $60 billion respectively. The first 24 clans pride themselves on wealth exceeding $10 billion.

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Saving Searches to Sort Your Sources

All of your import.io data sources are listed on your My Data page for easy access. But, once you have a lot of them, it can be tricky to scroll through and find the sources you need quickly.

To help, we give you the ability to save searches for data sources so that you can list them more easily. Say you have a lot of data sources (like me) and just want to find the extractors to Amazon. 

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Combine import.io with SAP Lumira and SAP HANA for Business Analytics

We always love to hear what people using import.io get up to with the data they extract with import.io data sources - there are more use cases than we could ever imagine, and we are constantly seeing beautiful, useful and innovative work based on our platform.

Recently we were contacted by Ronald who wanted to show us two integrations he has done using the import.io APIs.

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