Analyzing Indie Music Data from Pitchfork

My name is Johnny Stoddard, and I am a management consultant, an avid indie music lover, and a data nerd, among other things… I wrote this post to tell you about some exciting data analysis I did of Pitchfork webpages with the help of

For those who don’t know, Pitchfork is a music review and news website focused on independent music. I am addicted to this site. I visit it multiple times per day reading its daily-posted album reviews, song reviews and music news in hopes of discovering good new music—this ritual pays off almost daily. I also spend 51 weeks of the year waiting in Christmas-eve-like anticipation for the week Pitchfork releases it year-end lists of favorite albums, songs, music videos and news posts.

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Qualified Author Outreach Lists in 3 Easy Steps

Getting the contact details of journalists you want to target is an important part of any good marketing/pr strategy. But, using mass marketing and outreach lists has always felt kinda scummy...particularly the ‘bought in’ lists. TechCrunch even went so far as to publicly publish all their email addresses to prevent companies selling them.

I’ve devised a simple - seriously there’s only 3 steps - guide to curating your own targeted list of authors. These self-generated author contact lists are guaranteed to work much better than buying a mass list. Not to mention they’ll save you from giving authors a rage induced aneurysm.

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Effective Offshore Communication

Communication plays a significant role when managing an offshore team. Insufficient knowledge exchange leads to poor quality work and a lower success rate. Having a regular and established communication process between yourself and your offshore team is essential.

I’ve always had regular Start-of-day (SOD) and End-of-day (EOD) conference calls with the offshore QA team in Hyderabad. But when I took over our second offshore team (The Data Factory) in New Delhi, I felt it was a good opportunity to revisit our total offshore communication strategy.

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